My name is Hadley and I would absolutely adore a pen pal. I have always been under the impression that I was born in the wrong century, connecting more with the slow gentility of the Jane Austen times. Of course I know things are better now and technology is freaking awesome (I mean tumblr and Netflix, like hello) but I think to have a pen pal with whom I can share all my day to day musings and deepest troubles that cannot be shared with anyone else would make my (and hopefully their) life infinitely better!

I am 17, turning 18 in October. I live in South Carolina in the good old USA, but I do not follow the possible southern stereotypes that may sway you away from me. I love reading classical novels (Jane Eyre and pretty much any Jane Austen being my weakness), listening to chill, acoustic music (John Mayer being a particular fav), creating art, going on bike rides, cuddling with my 3 cats, begging my parents for a dog, watching ALL movies (literally I love all genera’s), watching your usual cult TV shows (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hannibal, etc), and I am neither religiously nor sexually firm (haha). I am going into my senior year of High School and have taken on a crazy amount of classes so I’m hoping for a pen pal who would be cool with chill conversation, little gifts, doodles, life advice, and fancy stationary (because I literally have a quill and ink pen I’ve been dying to use).

I’ve never had a pen pal before and don’t really know how this goes, but I am consumed with excitement! Just as a warning I only speak English and a little French (very badly I might add) so if we could communicate in English that would be really helpful! I’d really like someone around my age, but I live by the one human family mantra so gender, sexuality, and religion doesn’t sway my desire to be your pen pal!

Contact me at
My tumblr: That_awkward_moment
Or my email: hadleymccollester@gmail.com

Feel free to stalk my tumblr to get to know me or ask any questions!!!!!
Hadley Out ☁️☁️☁️

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