hi, my name is Finn, I am 16 years old and I am from Virginia/California US (I am bicoastal).

Some of my likes include: nature, space, cute stationary, art, music, poetry, creative writing, care packages, CDs, dying my hair, art journals, positive messages, and hand written letters or lengthy messages.

Some of my dislikes include: homophobia, transphobia, bullying, all seafood, and having people yell negative things at me.

What I’m looking for: I would love to have someone to send packages containing little gifts in them, I would love to exchange art and CDs with songs on them and such, and I would love to have someone that I can write handwritten letters to, or long emails. I would be open to texting as well, but I really would prefer letters and emails. I do not have an age preference, and I am open to any location.

You can contact me by going to my tumblr
( ) and messaging me
or emailing my other email (finnhopper2017 @ gmail . com) which will not be the one used for being pen pals if we end up doing emailing instead of letters)).

I look forward to hearing from you all (-:

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