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Name; Chloe

Age; 14 (looking for someone 13-15)

Location; Uk

Likes; Photography; Editing (videos); Friends; Family; Learning new things; Nature; Tea; Music; Films; Dan & Phil; Lana Del Rey; Halsey; People I can be myself around; Plants

Dislikes; Loud chewers; Homophobes; Racists; Sexists; People who judge others on what they look like;

Hopes/Dreams; Travel the world and take pictures of where I go; Open my own gallery of the pictures I take

Random; I curse quite a lot (although I’m trying to stop); I have two cat’s; I’m really awkward;

Random Fact; I once fell off a wall in Spain and landed in a mini-golf course

Contact; (I might take a while to reply)
@lanaftphan (on twitter)

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