Hello my name is Leto, but you can call me Fen or Fenris! I’m 18 years old and I’m trying really hard to not fail. I have very little support, I want to go to college, I want a job, and I need friends. It would be amazing and incredibly convenient for me if they were local! 

I really love comics, video games, anime, and the entire scifi/fantasy/horror genre. I’m a neurodivergent, trans-masculine try-soft who loves drawing, playing piano (and music in general, you’re looking at a future video game composer or music teacher), and creative writing. 

I live in New Kent, VA (US) and thats not an address I’m just looking for locals who may want to get an apartment with me in a few years…

My e-mail is lindo.leto @
my heres my facebook

be warned i have very strong opinions about fictional characters and mages also my hair is short and brown and please use he/it pronouns

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