Hello! My name is Jordan. I’m 18 and from Texas, USA. 

I’m looking for someone to email with. I don’t care where you’re from, but preferably someone 16-25ish. 

I just started back at my second year of college and I want someone to talk about anything with after a whole day of education and what not. (I’m an English major and love to read, so book nerds will always be welcome!)

Some things I like: 

  • TV: Doctor Who, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters, Netflix in general. I’m always up to try new things so if you have suggestions let me know! 
  • Music: I am not picky and like everything, pretty much. Since I’m from Texas I’m of course partial to country music but I also have a soft spot for classic rock and big band music. 
  • My favorite artist is John Mayer, and I’ve been listening to Hozier a lot lately. 
  • Side note: I am a Christian Baptist, so if you would like to exchange favorite Bible verses/ stories, or just talk about that in general that would be really awesome!

If you’re interested my email is texasjnc @ yahoo. com
so send me an email and I hope we hit it off!

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