Name: Georgia Wynn

Age: 16

Location: Sydney, Australia

Languages: English, Burmese and conversational Japanese

What I am looking for: Anyone interested in being my pen-pal (although my parents would prefer it if I gave my address to a girl). Preferably between ages 16 – 19. I would like to make pen-pals from Asia, but I am happy to make friends from all over the world.

Likes: Anime, K-Pop (YG Stan), Korean variety shows, travelling, reading, aesthetics, photography, learning languages, writing, stamps, washi tape and cute plush toys.

Dislikes: Discrimination of any form and durians.

I look forward to writing to you!

Main blog: queen-ruri.tumblr.com (but I prefer if you message me through letters-to-ruri.tumblr.com).

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