Hey there! My name is Annie. I’m 17 turning 18 soon. M from Massachusetts in New England (US).

Here are some things I like. My favorite color is blue sometimes and other times it’s green. I love snuggling in and watching Netflix with my wonderful boyfriend. I’ve watched almost every show. For example, Doctor Who (personal favorite), Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Once Upon a Time, and a lot more! I like animals and I love hanging outside. I like lasagna and I hate brushing my hair! (It gets super curly and hurts to unknot) I speak Spanish and English but I want to learn more. I play some guitar and piano. And I like art (I just don’t think I’m really that good) and yeah! 

Some things I don’t like are: being repeatedly tapped, when people are rude for no reason, close minded and  judgmental people, and last but not least when I bite my nails. I can’t help it!

If you become my penpal you could learn more about me. I promise I don’t bite! These things only scratch the surface of the person I am. I’m looking for a snail mail penpal because some of my old penpals slacked. (Sad face) Just a penpal to talk about our days and or become good friends at some point. And on occasion send cute packages (only if you want! Not required) I prefer someone from the states surrounding Massachusetts (Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut) basically New England lol. I would like a penpal around my age! I don’t judge so its okay to vent to me at any point if you needed. I won’t mind. Also I would like to snail mail at least once a week if that’s not too much to ask. If iu ever get busy in the middle of our penpalling I completely understand. 

Random Fact: I love mermaids and if I could be one, I definitely would. 

If you’re interested, which I hope you are! This is my contact information.
Email: anniedeya @

I’d love to hear from you soon! 

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