I’m really terrible at talking about myself


I’m really terrible at talking about myself. There’s probably so much I’ll forget to mention! >_<;

Name: Lainey

Age: 20 

Location: New York City 

Languages I speak: English & Tagalog

Email/Tumblr: My Tumblr What I Look Like

Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like: The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time,Tori Kelly, Halsey, Rob Thomas, Mumford & Sons, Vinyl Theater, etc.

I love variety and love being introduced to new books, films, tv shows, music, hobbies… so if you want to fangirl/fanboy or ramble over something you love, feel free to ramble on about it with me! 

Other interests: I’m a musician (singer, guitarist, pianist). I play League of Legends. I love going to concerts! I dream of traveling the world someday. 

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy: 18+, From anywhere, Must at least know English (I wouldn’t mind teaching/learning a new language), No preferred gender!

Preferred method of contact: I prefer snailmail but anything is fine!^^ 

Have a good day! Pick me! pick me! 😛 <3

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