Name:  Luie
Age:  53 
Gender:  Male
D.O.B./sign:  07/24/1962 LEO
Ethnic Background:  Italian-Cherokee
Language(s):  English
Location: Tennessee , U.S.A.
Orientation:  Straight
Random Facts:  
   *  I have spent 13 years of my life traveling the world with the ARMY.
   *  I am a lover of Cooking, My Italian side will not let you leave hungry.
   *  My daughter will have a Psychology Degree at the age of 19.
   *  I’m a huge fan of Walt Disney the Man, check out his history before the theme park.
   *  Art 
   *  Writing is more than just words.
   *  Hand Making Art Sketch pads
   *  Hiking
   *  Psychology
   *  Anime, old and new. 
   *  Online Video games with my buddies, Mostly Army from all over the world.
   *  Music From “Awesome” to “you gotta be Kidding me”


Age Group:  Any
Country:  Any
Language:  English
Gender:  Any
Contact:  Snail mail
Preferences: The Truth, I’m not going to waste your time so please don’t waste mine. I like Letters because they have heart, try getting that out of a text. I was mentored by several men when I grew up in AZ. and I still have fond memories of those men (RIP) I’m just trying to pay it forward.

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