Name: Megan Viola Thacker
Age: 18
Country: United States 
Gender: Female  
Languages: English & some Spanish 
Interests/Hobbies: I’m interested in a variety of things honestly. I absolutely adore doing photography. I go adventuring in the woods randomly and collect bones and other vintage things I find. I love to go on road trips and explore the world. I love Japanese fashion and Kawaii stationary/décor. My room is decorated in very odd and unique wooden masks & Buddha décor. I blog on Tumblr quite a bit. It is my little escape from the world. I have started making YouTube videos but I haven’t had the courage to upload them yet.  
Personal message: If you choose to send snail mail back and forth I send letters back as soon as possible and cute stationary and gifts! I’d love to meet a new friend or hopefully life time friend.

Contact info (email or Tumblr):

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: Any
Gender: Any
Age group: 17 & up
Languages: English
Email, snail mail or both:  Snail Mail  
Anything else: I hope you are all having an amazing day! Stay strong & smiling!

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