First name: Tina

 Age: 25 (going on 26)

 Location: Slovenia

 Languages I speak: Slovenian, English, a bit of Spanish

 Email/Tumblr: hyper__master@hotmail.com or cosovirius-ferus-ululans.tumblr.com

 Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like: right now I am reading through the Discworld series, Harry Potter, Stephen King, anything fantasy or scifi; Films: Dirty dancing, anything Tarantino, Marvel, anything with space or aliens; TV show: there are so many! some are Person of interest, Agent Carter, Orphan black, Elementary, The flash, Broad city, The Mindy project, Game of thrones…chances are if it’s good I’m watching it :D; Music: I’ll listen to pretty much anything but my passion are old rock and heavy metal (Led zeppelin, The who, Metallica, Iron maiden, Guns n roses…)

 Other interests: cats, animals in general, knitting, tea, going to concerts, fanfiction

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy (age, location, language, gender): anyone 20 or older, any location, any gender, english 

I am shy and battling with anxiety so someone who can be patient with me, open-minded

Preferred method of contact: (Snail mail, email, Tumblr): email or tumblr is fine, but i would love to do snail mail 🙂

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