Looking For A Creative Penpal.


Name: Camilla.

Age: 22.

Location: Denmark.

I’m searching for a penpal who loves to be creative, and wants to send letters often. I want to start over email or tumblr, before I give my address to you. I will need some kind of proof that your not some creep, maybe a video from snapchat or something?

Likes: To be creative, draw, paint, journaling, reading, writing (diary), pets, Youtube, tv series, cartoons, I’ve allways loved collecting stuff ever since I was little (stickers, scraps/die cuts, four leaf cloves, ect.), recently I’ve begin to love kawaii stuff, rainy days, coffee and tea, autumn, christmas, travelling.

Dislikes: Reptiles, being around lots of people, hateful people, rasists.

Write to my tumblr if your interested: camlind.tumblr.com/

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