Hi there! I’m Sofie and I’m 20, turning 21 this year. I’m originally from Sweden (vikings, IKEA and mooses) but currently living in Scotland (tea, Braveheart, amazing scenery, national animal Unicorn – I didn’t believe it either at first). I’m looking forward to put the stamp on an envelope and send it to new friends! 

I love: 

  • going on small day adventures or long ones for that matter
  • I drink way to much tea – have a full tea pot next to me right now
  • books – I’ve banned myself from Waterstones and second hand stores until I’ve read all the ones I already have
  • cakes and chocolate
  • traveling
  • belly laughs

Learning about different cultures and languages is so facinating and snail mail is such a great way to do it. If you wanna write 15 pages or 1 page, that doesn’t matter. I will myself do both. Looking forward to hear from people around my age! 🙂

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