Hi! My name is Tia and I’m 18 years old! I’m born and raised in Orange County, live in Washington state, and go to college at San Diego State University!

Likes: funny vines/videos, singing, photography, acting, sour candy, Mac and cheese, my boyfriend, people, dogs, deep conversations, etc.

Dislikes: cats (I’m sorry), rude people, mean people, people that don’t cover their nose when they sneeze, ignorant people, hypo-Christians, candy that looks sour but it’s not, foods that don’t include cheese, the “cool” kids, people that lack a sense of humor.

Lol there’s way more dislikes than likes sorry

Fun fact: I have a tattoo on my shoulder blade of the outline of the California state flag bear..cause I love California and I honestly believe the bear is my spirit animal

What I’m looking for: A FRIEND TO CONNECT

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