hello!! i’m amanda and i’m 16 years old! i live in norway, but i’m from sweden!

i love getting to know people and sharing little bits and pieces of my life with them! cats, avocados, and music (not in any particular order) are what i live for. i prefer indie rock music, but i’m open for any suggestions!!  I love learning new languages, i know how to speak swedish, norwegian and english fluently, and a bit spanish but my grammar sucks! as you can probably see i choose to only write in lowercase letters as it is a part of my aesthetic! i’m looking for a penpal who is willing to share both their funny and not so funny moments in their life! any gender, sexuality country, etc is fine by me, but i prefer someone who is around my age (perhaps 14-18) i would prefer to write via snailmail, but e-mail is okay as well!

my tumblr would probably be the best place to contact me!

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