Name: Sam Rosie / Rosie Roo 
Age: 23 1/2 
Country: England (North)

I have always loved the idea of pen pals, I love receiving letters from friends. 
I recently read a book called “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Morgan Matson and it was a beautiful story of a girl’s best friend who went disappeared with her family, but 2 weeks later she received a letter, or a list from her. A list of things that she was to complete over the summer. Random stuff. I really liked the idea.

And it got me thinking that it would be awesome to do something similar with people/friends around the world and we share the stories and pictures etc of how we did them. Doing maybe random traditions that is popular/known in each other countries in our countries. Anything. 

As well as getting to know each other of course. 

I would love to write letters again. Although I haven’t done it yet, I am obsessed with travelling and most animals. Travelling the world is something I would love to do once I have the money. 

5 things i like: Books and reading, Food (mainly cakes/desserts), Photography, Design, and playing badminton. 
5 things I dislike: Snakes, the dark, Bullies (actually there isn’t much I don’t like). 

I ideally would like a snail mail friends, but I would also wouldn’t mind email buddies too. 

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