Name: Megan

Location: England, UK

Age: 17

Likes: Video games (most types, i may not have played them all but i know about them!), tv shows (right now my favourite is That 70s Show and Once Upon a Time) and films! My favourite film right now is probably The Roommate or Jurassic World.. Im really into horror films too, my favourites are The Woman in Black (I watched it 2932403 times and even saw it on stage for my birthday), The Insidious Trilogy and also the Scream series. I like music (mainly pop eg. 5 seconds of summer, one direction, pop singers! but i do also like other stuff like Panic! at the Disco)

Dislikes:  I HATE NEEDLES AND MINIONS – i’m sorry but i just gotta make it clear. I also hate people who just make conversations fizzle out by giving me one word answers!

Pen Pal Preferences: Anyone between 16-20 and any country. I can only speak english and a small amount of french so english speaking would be preferable. Email would be nice, would be willing to imessage and such! I really want to do snail mail as the thought of sending letters to people and also receiving them is so exciting! Sending things such as mix tapes would be nice as im really interested in knowing what other people like to listen to. 

To be honest, im looking for someone who i can have a laugh with, learn stuff about and befriend. 

I’ve never done any pen pal type of thing ever so please bear with me.

Contact info: Message me on my tumblr

Random fact: I believe in ghosts and saw one when I was younger! 

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