Hello everyone! :3

Name: Annalisa (cute nicknames are appreciated as well) 

Age: 15

Gender: Female 

Location: Italy 

Languages: Italian (of course), English. I’d really like to meet someone who can teach me something of their native language. 

Likes: Any kind of music, art, tv series (I love The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, but I watch so many!) , anything Marvel, traveling, tattoos, Youtube, writing and fangirling about everything I see. 

Dislikes: Close-minded people, bigots and everyone who hates other people without a real reason. And I absolutely hate bugs. 

 About me: Hi! I’m Annalisa and I’ve already had some experiences with pen pals. I started to learn English when I was a child, but my grammar is still not perfect (sorry for every inconvenience!) I love talking with people, even if I can be kinda shy sometimes, and I’m a huge Harry Potter lover. 

Searching for: I’d really like to meet someone between 15 and 20 years old. I prefer snail mail, but we can start with emails if you want. I’m really creative and into collages/ crafts so I’d appreciate pretty letters and small gifts. (Which I’m going to send as well, of course!) Nothing too big, since shipping in other countries is so expensive (sigh.) I’m looking for someone who is okay with long letters and random funny stories, and I want to start a cute friendship with yaaa!

Random Fact: When I was 5 I liked to run with my eyes closed. Then I fell into a river (which luckily was really small) and I’ve never done that again. LOL. 

You can contact me on: 
E-mail: annalisaxchiari @
Kik: xlisawhox 

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