Name: Rebekah
Age: 16
Country: Utah, USA
Interests: I really love music. My tastes ranges from pop to jazz to indie folk to singer-songwriter. I also play a couple instruments and sing. I also absolutely love reading. Mostly YA fiction, some sci-fi here and there, and biographies. I love rain and thunderstorms. I also love art, and basically any form it comes in.

I would really love to have a pen pal who is close in age to me, or older. Any gender works. And they would have to be willing to write a lot and often, and also correspond through snail mail. I can do email, but I personally think that snail mail is really fun.

You’d probably have the best chance contacting me through my email: fearlessdarling13@gmail.com. My tumblr username is second-thirteen, but like I said, email is best to get a hold of me.

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