Hi, Im Olivia

Im 14 and i live in Minnesota, U.S 

I speak English mostly, Spanish and some German.

I’m interested in youtubers, like the o2l crew. Tyler Oakley and many more. plus Im into DIY stuff, Im really creative, Plus i like Henna alot because its sooo pretty and it looks like i have a tattoo c’: I Like fashion, discussing it, Making it, looking at it. Everything about it. 

I like Justin Bieber, 5sos and trey songz alot. Those are basically my favorite artists. 

Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and Awkward and like so much more MTV shows haha yeah 

I’m really nice but i have a mean sense of humor, I’d call you ugly just to joke around because you’d be my friend, Thats how i am. But im always loyal and im always there for people no matter what.

My perfect penpal would probably be very outgoing and mind speaking, alot of humor because i love laughing. and someone i can tell anything too without feeling uncomfortable.  I dont care for race or gender. As long as your cool with me. Im cool with you (: 13-18 would be great but i really dont mind. 

Kik ; openoceans

LINE; ImagineLivy

Instagram and twitter ; Imaginelivy

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