Pen Pal aka Internetfriend



My name is Luisa, I’m 15 years oldand I’m living in germany. In my free time I like to ride the horse or just lay around doing nothing (Yeah…I’m kind of lazy). I allready tried to find some new friends here but it dont really worked and thats why I start a new try.

I love music more than everything. My fav’ singers are Left Boy, Marsimoto and Motrip. But normally I just hear random some songs without looking for the artist or the genre.

I really like the idea of having a penpal but I would also like to find some new Internetfriends because I have too much time and I really like to write, to skype or whatever. Age, gender, sexuality or the place where you live doesnt matter.

I have no idea how to write people on Tumblr so here are my social medias:

Twitter: essenistgeil_
E-Mail: tomeetthem@hotmail.comSkype: luisa.mogalle

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