hello there!

name: julie
age: 16
location: nj (us)
gender: female (cis)
zodiac: aries
mbti: infp

interests: intersectional feminism (heck yeah), netflix, theatre, sleeping, having nice winged eyeliner, creative hair colors, flowers, poetry/writing, books, cats (although i’m allergic), cute things, art, lots of different music (my music taste goes from elvis to pop punk in about 2 seconds), summer, body positive things

dislikes: racism, homophobia, sexism, anti-lgbt, rude people, meninists, school and olives.

my perfect penpal would be anyone who is rly nice and cool and someone who i could just write to (or vlog to??? if whatever???) without having to like censor myself?? if that makes sense?? anyone of any gender or culture is perfect, i’d want someone more around my age (15-18 maybe?) if that’s possible 🙂

ok so, if it’s possible to just email back and forth first, before we like start sending actual letters with addresses that would be cool. i’d also want to like do the vlog kind of penpal-ing (if i can just like share my vlogs with one person because i don’t want like people in my school to like go on my youtube and be like annoying or say anything, you feel).
ok so
tumblr: oceansleeping . tumblr . com
email: juliedoestheatre @ gmail . com

thanks!! 🙂

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