Hey everybody.

My name is Cooper

Im 16 (17 in October).

Wanted: Internet/snailmail. Both are great

Im not really sure what to say. I have had a few problems with people who acted like my friends and I realized how alone I actually was.

I would like to talk to someone aroundish my age (15-18) and gender doesn’t matter

INTERISTS: I play bass/guitar/sing for a hardcore/metal band. I am also a singer songwriter with an acoustic obsession. I love tattoos and piercings and I dream of being a tattoo artist one day. I love to push myself outside my comfort zone and explorer and go places and do things I shouldn’t. Im pretty easy going

WHAT IM NOT OKAY WITH: homophobia,transphobia, racism, BOTDF fans, sexualizing women, satan, drinking and hard drugs, people who get anything but thin mints and samoa’s from girlscouts.

tumblr: tattoo-me-pleasee
kik: cooper_hotstuff (don’t judge i was young back then)

Message me for Insta/my phone numer/more pictures.

Please don’t be scared to message me! Thanks 🙂

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