You can make anything by writing ~ C.S Lewis


“Hello Internet”

I’m Kate, I’m 15 and cis (Year 11/Grade 10?)and I live in England. Kate is sort of an abbreviation of my actual name, and so I use that on the internet. Anyway, I’m here because I would like a penpal that likes long letters and/or emails and it didn’t work out the last time :p

Speaks: English and the teeniest bit of Japanese because I’m an indoorsy uncultured nerd with no life XD

Likes: Books, Milkshakes, Brownies, the LGBT+ community (I’m bisexual), Canada, Animals (especially cats :3), Doodling, Sweaters, Music, YouTube (mostly), Tumblr, Video Games, Poetry, Thinking, Writing, people I trust

Dislikes: Excessively hot or cold weather, insects, Homophobes, Racists, basically just judgmental and/or mean people, people that get bored of you and drop you (as a figure of speech, not literally)

Favorite TV Shows/Movies: Sherlock, The Office (uk), The Middle, South Park, Catch Me If You Can, Boyhood, The Imitation Game, Ted….yeahhh

Favorite Video Games: The Sims 4, Life Is Strange

Favourite Music/Bands/Artists: Indie, Rock, Pop eg twenty one pilots, MCR,Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Alt J, terrible 80’s music I listen to half ironically, various almost unheard of indie artists, random pop/r&b songs

Favorite Books/Authors: Anything by John Green, simon vs the homo sapiens agenda, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The Harry Potter Series, stuff by Rainbow Rowell etc

Favorite YouTubers: Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Lucas (Cruikshank), Shane Dawson *sigh* yep I’m basically a stereotype of a teenage fangirl

What I Am Looking For: I am looking for a good internet/penpal friend that I can talk to about the madness and slight downfall that is my life right now. I don’t mind whatever gender or orientation you are, seriously you can identify as a panromantic grapefruit and I won’t mind, but I find guys a little bit more relatable sometimes (as you can guess from my interests).

My Ideal Penpal/Internet buddy would appreciate literature, long emails and letters, like music or art or anything creative, have some stuff in common with me, be on good terms with the LGBTQ+ community, like stupid memes and like receiving little doodles and gifts. Buuut that’s just like an ideal, so you don’t have to and I value people more for just being themselves so long as they aren’t y’know…mean.

I know this has kind of turned into an essay (sorry!), but when I write I just start to pour out everything that’s in my mind (and yes it is very therapeutic to me XD). Yeah so if there is someone out there who i dont sound completely insane and excessive too then just respond 🙂 I promise to be a good friend and listen whatever your situation and to try to make you smile (god that sounds so cheesy, I’m sorry).

email: itsaweirdworld25 @ (take out spaces)

tumblr: bentleydinkcrumplepatchandphan

ps. I’m going on holiday v. soon so if I dont respond immediately dw I’ll get back to you as soon as I get wifi 😀

pps. If it means a lot to you, I can send you a picture of my face after we get talking, I just don’t give out personal details in a very public place y’know and this sounds really creepy but FYI I’m single XD

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