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Ebba // 17 // Sweden


I’m going to keep this quite short, I don’t want to spoil the whole *:・゚✧getting to know each other*:・゚✧ But some things about me; I mainly speak english & swedish, but also some french, italian, and mandarin, tv-shows are my life, I want to study history or/and psychology, I love deep sea creatures (but I’m terrified of oceans irl), my friends describe me as a mix of April Ludgate and Tinkerbell, cats are the best. 

If you’re judgmental and disrespectful we probably won’t get along. Or if you dislike Severus Snape (srsly if you say anything bad about him I will write you a 5 page essay explaining why you’re wrong). 

In a pen pal I’m looking for someone who writes long letters about everything and nothing. It can be a short book review, a dream or weird midnight thoughts. Because that’s probably some of the things that I’ll write about! I also like to include small zines, postcards (I LOVE postcards!!), candy, and tiny gifts.

Gender/age/location doesn’t really matter, but snail mail only! You can message me on my blog but I mostly use the app atm so e-mail is easier! 

Blog; fuckyougandalf.tumblr.com

E-mail: bonjourebba @ gmail.com

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