Name: Anna

Age: 16

Location: North Carolina, US

Interests: Netflix, iPhone, Zombies, READING!!!!, writing, in depth conversations about weird shit, sleeping, go karts, movies, ROLLER COASTERS!!!, monkeys, Engineering, Math

Your perfect pen pal: 16-19 years old, male or female doesn’t matter to me, weird, honest, quirky. Loves to have in-depth conversation about weird and strange things

Books: Eragon series, Asylum, Sanctum, Roots, and a ton others. But I have read waaaayyy too many between printed books and those on Wattpad. Haha

Likes: Honesty, weirdness, awkwardness, sarcasm, and all of my interests

Music: Three Days Grace, Smile Empty Soul, Hollywood Undead, 1D, And some rap/R&B/hip-hop

Dislikes: racism, homophobia, spiders, snakes, sexism, stupidity, idiots, immaturity

Kik: Goodnyte


P.S. I wouldn’t mind kik or email or whatever. But snail mail (letters, trinkets, etc) is what I really want

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