Name: Nicolai 🙂 {it’s a fake name but I’d like to make it my real name some day}

Age: 15

Location: Florida, USA

Interests? I really love music! I have a few bands that I love and the range from punk to rock to metal it depends on whatever sounds good to me. I’m a huge fan of anime and manga and I’m low key jealous of people who can translate Japanese/ are fluent in it.

I really love writing and I’m kind of a geek/nerd when it comes to certain things. I like psychology and weird random fun facts that I probably would never need to know but still they’re cool. Netflix is love, Netflix is life 😛

Hmm…I’m a fan of books and I’m not judgemental. I’d except any pen pal no matter the race, gender, sexuality, religion etc. As long as your nice we’re cool! I’d prefer being online buddies because of my parents…so yeah

Tumblr: Addicting-Fixations 

Message me for contact info!

Stay Amazing ☆

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