snail mail?


Hey my name is Stella and I’m from England, I want to have a friendship like zoe sugg and sprinklofglitter they give me life.
I just want someone who is up for deep talks funny talks and sending little packages in the mail.
Pronouns: her/she
age: 14 (turned 14 last month)
Interests: I love to write, Greek Mythology, I also love to dance but i don’t take classes and cant actually dance,I  love F1 racing it is my
 life, I just started a youtube channel and love to watch other youtubers,I LOVE HARRY POTTER.  I’m a Massive Harry Potter 
Fan.  I also like Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Pretty Little Liars (the TV series), Gossip Girl, and The Mortal Instruments 
can’t wait for the new Shadowhunters series.
Music: My boys 5SOS, Chris Brown, Tyga, Charli XCX,Years and Years,Jack and Jack maybe skate maloney, Beyonce,
i like some 1975 songs like ‘girls’ that’s my fave.
Books: Okay, Books are my Life!  I love the Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter Of course, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus,
 ALL John Green books, Divergent series, The hunger games, The Maze Runner series and so much more
Fictional Boyfriends: Leo Valdez,  Draco Malfoy, Tobias Eaton, Minho, Jason Grace, Dean Thomas…
Perfect Penpal/Internet Friend:  Someone who is a  big Harry Potter fan too so we can  talk about it someone who loves books and is between 
the ages of 13-16 probably and from anywhere, someone who is interested in sending packages maybe i can send you stuff
 from england you can send me something from your country maybe, I’m not bothered about the Gender, Race Or sexuality just
 go for it as long as you can speak English im good.
my tumblr is ‘summerbabypjo’
email is magcon9 (without space after 9)

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