Hey there my beautiful souls ,

well, let me introduce myself, i’m Lina. I am 21 years old . im from Illinois,USA. although im only 21 I have an old soul. (wondering what this means , ask me) .

Im interested in findng a pen pal. whether your Christian or not im accepting all penpals from all races, religion, height, age, gender, weight, shoe size, chocolate loving, chocolate hating, free spirit, non free spirit, tree, bird, turtle, fish, owl, tad poll , dinosaur, pizza guy or pizza girl. even if your a sandwich and have magic abilities to write. i love gays, lesbians, transgender, queer, etc. anyone you name it im accepting you all. 


drinking tea, photography, writing, reading, driving around, eating, watching movies, going for long walks, camping, traveling, hiking, trying new, hot chocolate, marshmallows, music, I enjoy looking at art as well as making my own art dream catchers, learning about history, and storytelling, and hearing people tell stories, drawing, being outdoors. etc 

favorite foods:

tacos, pizza, fries, salads, subway ,doughnuts, Chinese food, burgers, Cambodian food, tamales, cookies, smoothies. and did I mention PIZZA and FRIES and DOUGHNUTS! Sorry its just I LOVEEE FRIES! AND PIZZA and DOUGHNUTS. its the KEY to my heart. hahaha

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instagram: abeautiful.disaster

**Message me on tumblr ( ) and ask me for details on how to send me a handwritten letter. I love writing handwritten letters. but emails are god too**

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