Hello! My name is Poonam, I’m 25 and from the U.S (Washington state). I recently revived my passion for writing letters and I was hoping to find others who also love to write letters! I miss the joy of getting letters in the mail!

I’m open to talk about pretty much anything. I want to learn more about the world I live in and the fellow humans I share it with! 🙂

If it helps, I love talking about my favorite tv shows and movies! And those include: Supernatural, In the Flesh, various bollywood movies, Ten Inch Hero, etc etc.

I also love to talk about the silly things my cat Athena does (she is currently purring away on top of me, haha)

I would prefer to talk to open minded individuals, so please, no hate against someone for their beliefs, sexuality, gender, race, and so on!

If you are interested, please drop by my tumblr!

P.S I also love to draw and may most likely doodle on the letters I send! I apologize in advance!

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