Age: 19
Country: Lithuania
Gender: Female
Languages: English, Lithuanian and a bit of Russian
Interests/Hobbies: photography, movies, art, reading, writing, drawing, music, nature, tea, vinyl, hikes, architecture, 9gag and harry potter geek.   
Personal message: Heyy, I’m Ieva or you can call me Eve if that’s easier for you . I’ve decided to try this thing again as last the last time it didn’t really work. Oh welp. I really like writing and this is one of the ways to start doing it more often hah. Also, I have this weird blackish, sarcastic sense of humor which might scare you a bit. I’m into movies A LOT I mean I love everything about cinematography. TV shows > mostly cliche ones : Himym, friends, modern family, supernatural, csi and so on. As for music it goes from indie to punk rock and swings all together with my mood. (Basics : hozier, ed sheeran, sia, imagine dragons, fob, paramore) So basically I’m this a bit nerdy person, would be so cool if you are too. 

Contact info (email or Tumblr): 

About the penpal/s I’m looking for- Just do your pen pal duty – write me back and don’t bail on me it’s all I ask. Oh also, as I think I’m pretty open minded person it’s essential to find only non judgmental people.  
Countries: any
Gender: any
Age group: from 18 – 24
Languages: English (unless you are willing to teach me your language)
Email, snail mail or both: both

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