skype me?


(msg me if u want a picture) so basically i’m desperate trash and i want someone to talk to. i just find it, idk, uncomfortable to talk to people irl. oh and my name is sirius, i’m 15, and i live in america and apparently i can’t use caps.

i can talk about whatever online tho. like you want to be casual and just talk about whatever comes to mind? let’s do it. you want to be hella deep and send me conspiracy theories or something? go for it. you literally just wanna spam me with dog pics? i’m the person for it.

i’ll put interests too: 

i honestly love music so much like i can listen to anything idc but recently i’m seriously feeling the whole angry girl music genre rn. especially nicki! 

there’s so much t.v. i watch ugh. some are Daredevil, GOT, Orphan Black, HTGAWM, OITNB, Top Model, Project Runway, AHS, and a million others. but I just started watching Teen Wolf and I actually love it? i’m catching up on a bunch of movies rn too but i seriously can’t name any faves because everytime I watch one i’m like ‘yep, this one’s my fave’.

and i’m passionate about art, cats, books, and marvel af. sorry i like talking about myself…

i’d like to talk to someone who’s online a lot and is comfortable with random msgs at random times. also pls don’t msg me if you’re an asshole. that’s it i guess.

contact: thewintersoldierseyeshadow on skype and for my email.

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