Name: Ashley (some of my friends call me Ashbestos but I go by Ash most of the time) 
Age: 17 🙂 turning 18 August this year. 
Country: Australia! And I only speak english! But if you know know english and other languages i’d be interested in learning new languages :3 
Interests: Dancing, Singing, Acting, Reading, Writing, TV Shows, Music, Movies, *Refer to blog below* Photography, Traveling, psychology and Film editing/making!
Contact me:  
+ for reference that i’m like real or whatever here is
my instagram: @ashleyleighton_
my twitter: @ashleybree_

What I’m looking for:
Gender: Any Gender, I do not mind. Although, no matter what gender you are, i’m not looking for a relationship or a hook up of any type. Do not sexually harass me with words, pictures or videos etc. (Only stating because i’ve had a bad experience with this!) 
Age: I’d prefer people around the ages of 15-20 but if you’re slightly above or below it’d be fine
Country: Honestly anywhere in the world would be awesome! As long as you can speak english very well I’m keen to send to anywhere!
Anything Else: be nice and happy and weird! Thats all that is required :3 

I would prefer writing  letters rather than email but i would need proof of you being a legit person etc 🙂 

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