Name: Alejo
Age: 25
Country: Costa Rica
Gender: Male
Languages: Spanish/English
Interests/Hobbies: Animals, Nature, Space, Music, Arts, Books
Personal message: Hi! I am looking for new friends worldwide, i love to meet new cultures or just to talk about random things, i am so openminded, a little grumpy and nerdy but so easy-going!
Contact infoTumblr

About the penpal/s I’m looking for
Countries: Any!!!
Gender: Female
Age group: Any!!!
Languages: Spanish or English (to talk, but if you speaks any other and want to teach me… i’ll be so happy 😀 haha)
Email, snail mail or both: First by email/tumblr, then if you want we can share our snailmail addresses, facebook, whatsapp, etc…
Anything else: PLEASE… NO Racist, xenophobic, fascist, homophobic, closed-mind people… it’s better if you look around my blog to know a little about me and then send me the ask 😀

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