Name: Daniel

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Location: Ohio, USA

Now for more than the “first day of school” info…I just finished my first year of college/university studying music and religion! I play piano and sing! I also enjoy watching NCIS, reading (especially the classics and books about world religion/theology/philosophy), and of course WRITING LETTERS! Snail mail rocks. I also love poetry and enjoy exchanging poems (other people’s…I don’t really write my own…). In letters I would like to discuss any of the above subjects (music/literature/religion/philosophy/poetry) or generally any conversation that is meaningful and deep :).

I don’t really have any “requirements” for a pen pal. Anyone (boy/girl), anywhere (USA or international). Not going to judge your race, religion, gender, sexuality, or anything like that. I guess my pen pal “wish” would be a native Spanish speaker, as I am almost fluent in Spanish and would love some friendly/supportive practice. But really, anybody anywhere is great with me :).

Over all, I’m just looking for friendly, caring interaction and an opportunity to learn about and from some of the other lovely people who call this world home.

Feel free to contact me at

Hope to hear from you soon!



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