Hey!! My name is Stephanie or you can call me Steph whichever is good with me.(: I’m 15 (I’m turning 16 on November 1st) I’m a intersting person and I would like to meet knew people(: If you want more info. just message me(: Sorry if my picture is upside down lol. Check out my Instagram for more pictures of me 😀

Zodiac Signs- Scorpio

Interest– art, video games, skateboarding, eating, sleeping, anime, dance, science, photography, talking to people, etc. (I have a lot more)

languages-English, Spanish, French ( I learned French in school)

Perfect Pen Pal-I’m looking for a pen pal to send/receive snail mail! it’d be fun sending letters/objects or just talk on social media too loI (like skype, facetime, oovoo, etc.). I don’t mind if you’re a girl or a boy but I’m looking to talk to people around the age of (14-18), I’m a huge supporter of the LGBT community, as long as you’re kind and not dying to show your genitals to me lol. (trust me, I don’t wanna see that) also any country is good. 

Music- I honestly like all type of music.

Movies- I have so much I can’t choose just one;(

Tv Shows- I’ll just name some- PLL, AHS, OITNB, anime, The Fosters, Teen Wolf

contact me on any of these:

Twitter: obeymendoza1

Instagram: stephanieemendozaa

Snapchat: obeybeautycx

Kik: official_stephaniecx

Tumblr: radicalstephaniecc

Email: stephaniemendozacx @ gmail .com (there is no space between @,gmail,.com)

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