Hello, I’m June. I’m 25 and from USA (CA).

Likes: reading books, thrift shopping, collecting pretty trinkets, handmaking jewelry & accessories (I have a small online store), antique stores, dainty things, bisque dolls, soft clothing, lip tint, fashion ( Dolly Kei, Natural Kei, Mori Girl & Mori Kei), Edwardian era, classic fairytales, Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, whimsical woodland animals, dollhouse miniatures, steampunk jewelry, everything related to autumn, prairie, botanical gardens, field notes, bugs & insects taxidermy (but I’m terrified of spiders and bees!!)

Dislike: oddly I’m not a fan of anything horror & scary things…also bigotry, crowded places, talking on the phone, and people that are rude.

I’m only looking for e-mail pals and art/package pals to exchange small packages, especially fashion items/trinkets, vintage things, handmades, and found things from nature (such as acorns, seashells, pressed flowers..). I’ve done package swaps before so I’d love to swap with someone with similar interests from England or France but anywhere in the world would be lovely!


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