Penpal Wanted :)


Hey there. My name is Aisha. I am girl and I come from holland. I am 16 years old. I have posted on here before and I did get a penpal but she just stopped talking to me. I am now looking for some new penpals :D. I love listening to music and I love bands like. (Be warned. There is a lot.) Hollywood undead, Crown the empire, Black veil brides, Pierce the viel, Three days grace, Get scared, Sleeping with sirens and Bring me the Horizon. I speak English, Dutch and a bit of chinese. I live in china though I am from holland. I am into reading. I am also really into anime. I am a ISFP from the myersbriggs personality test. I am also very into technology and I am also into art. I don’t mind who contacts me. Don’t care about sexuality, religon or anything. I am a pretty open person. The age range probably would have to be around 13-19. I don’t mind about gender. I am also up for snail mail if you want 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon. 

  • Aisha

P.S The way that you could contact me is by Skyping me, Emailing me or sending a message to my Kik. 

My email is My Skype is aisharules (Don’t judge. Sister made it for me a long time ago) My Kik is artgeek78 

Hope to hear fro you soon 🙂

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