Name: Monica
Age: 19
Country: USA
Gender: Female
Languages: English/ Spanish/ A tiiinnnyyy bit of French
Personal message: I’m really awkward when it comes to talking to people sowwyyyy /.
Contact info (email or Tumblr):

About the penpal/s I’m looking for- 
Countries: Anywhere 🙂
Gender: Female
Age group: 18-23
Languages: English
Email, snail mail or both: Snail mail please ^.^
Anything else: I live right smack in the middle of Hollywood. I love getting snail mail. I ship Drarry, the Yu Squad (yugioh arc v) /. I love drawing and writing and watching movies and anime 😀 I have two cats that drive me crazy. I LOVE kitties and dachshund doggies. I live on tumblr hahaha. I was in a long distance relationship for a long time. I’m bisexual and I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years now. I’m part Wiccan by birth but I promise I won’t try to convert you haha!  I like traveling a lot. I’m Mexican/French. Soooooo send me an ask if youre interested ^.^ 

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