Hey there!

So my name is Simran, I’m seventeen and looking forward to my first year of university in the fall! I live in the U.S.

Likes: Netflix will forever be my boyfriend, I love older movies such as charade with Audrey Hepburn. But I also love newer movies such as anything with Adam Sandler, or Jennifer Aniston. (We’re the millers, will always be my fav)

As far as TV shows go I will watch anything. Gravity falls, unbreakable kimmy Schmidt, Scooby Doo(the scooby doo movies will always be the best), leverage, friends, the goldbergs, the middle, penny dreadful, and supernatural. I love to read and I’ve read most of the classics, my favorite book is the great Gatsby.

I have a strange obsession with sunflowers. And I love shopping. My favorite place to shop is h and m.

I live to travel and am currently traveling in India.

So if we do become pen pals expect a lot of postcards, and little pressed flowers and trinkets from my small adventures.

Dislike: narrow minded people, humid weather. Intolerance in general.

Perfect Pen Pal: just someone who I can be a good friend to and vice versa, someone who can teach me their culture and who I can learn from. Discuss books with, and talk about theories and philosophy

You can contact me at: Simransky.tumblr.com

If interested

I hope to write to you soon!

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