My name is Chelsey

From Montana, USA

20 years young

Looking for a snail mail friend

I’m seeking a pen pal, doesn’t matter whether they’re from the U.S. or another country, I just prefer snail mail. I want someone around my age (20), a female, and someone who can exchange letters  frequently, and send cute little pen pal things! Haha. 

Interests: I have never been able to find a hobby I absolutely love doing 🙁  But I like to write, tattoos are the sh"t, bake, paint, outdoorsy stuff and what not…I’m a open book when it comes to trying new things. Favorite tv show right meow would have to be The Royals.

Fun Fact about me….I don’t know my natural hair color o.O

So let’s be friends! 
((chelseym.bhs @ gmail. com))

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