I promise im wearing a shirt in my photo! Ahh!

My name is Cassandra but you can call me brisky. I am 17 years old and from America, and willing to write anyone ages 16-20 y/o.

My main interests are Lady Gaga, blogging, Netflix and basically just taking naps. I absolutely love writing though. It eases my brain. 

I’m going through my last year of highschool right now but I’m home schooled so I have so much free time. I am taken, and only looking for friendships. 

I am a pescetarian, meaning I don’t eat any other meat(s) other than fish. Salmon, talapia, cod, shrimp, etc. 

I love working out and eating healthy.

I would love to talk to anyone as long as they had some of the same interests as me?

cassandratrujillo14 yahoo .com

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