Sarah | 21 |  Switzerland


Sarah | 21 |  Switzerland

Currently waiting for uni to start and a bit bored as all of my friends are preparing for finals so thought I’d look for another (snail mail) penpal. I’ve got a few already who I write to more or less regularly (meaning every couple of months), but we also stay in touch through whatsapp and/or email. My interests include arts, music, piercings, movies and make up. I’m openminded, laid back and love making new experiences and trying out things, so I would appreciate if you have a similar character.

My native language is German, but my English is pretty fluent as well and I should theoretically be able to speak French (J’ai l’apprendé pour huit ans, mais je suis sure que ma grammaire est horrible à présent.)

You can either leave me a msg here or write me an email:

I’d like someone who is close to my age, meaning 20+. Location doesn’t really matter. I’d prefer to chat a bit before we exchange addresses and I’d also like to exchange a picture, just because I am not really comfortable posting selfies online but am still curious what my pen pals look like 🙂

Talk to you soon!

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