Dear Future Pen Pal,

Bet this is going to be the first letter I’m going to send you. I don’t know you yet, but maybe some day I will.

My name’s Ivan, or you can call me anything from my very long name that you’ll know soon. I’m Bi. I just turned 16 few days ago. And I’m from the Philippines. Being from that country, I learned how to resort to nature and appreciate its beauty and maybe that’s the reason I love beaches. It saddens me knowing that I’ll be leaving this magnificent country few months from now to move to Michigan, USA. But I’m really excited for it though.

I am in deep interest with art, photography and film; and such a handful enthusiasm for writing. I am no poet, nor a highly-valued pen to write your next odyssey, but I’m trying. Well, not that much, maybe just enough. I love traveling, I’ve been to a few wonderful places in my country but never been to another country before. I’d love to learn a new language, Perhaps you could teach me then? Maybe French? German? EVERYTHING. Because I can only speak in Filipino and English (though I know a little Spanish).

I’d like to meet new people. My mind feeds with the stories you tell, my soul rejoices with the words you speak. I am in love with the thought of knowing another person of existence, from a different corner of this earth who is willing to share my thoughts with him, and his thoughts with me. My perfect pen pal would be a guy, within my age range (preferably 15-17), from Australia or Europe. BUT, I am willing to accept everyone who is knocking at the doors of my email because I love all of you.

I am looking for a longer lasting friendship, not just a “Hi-Hello-Goodbye” type of conversations. I prefer snail mail because I consider handwritings as the aesthetic prints of a person which makes one unique and so that we can send stuff to each other sometimes. We can also talk through Kik and Facetime, if you’d want to.

If you want to become my Pen Pal, please feel free to email me at jamstelbayoneto540 or send me messages at my blog. You can also check my IG: vlitvanski; Twitter: @vlitvanski; Tumblr:

Sending lots of Love,

Ivan xx

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