Name:  Jodie

Age:  18

Gender:  Female

Language(s):  English, very basic French and German, willing to learn new languages

Location:  U.K.

Hey, so I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal since I was young but I have never really known how to go about it.

I love learning and exploring different cultures and I am more than happy to learn new languages.

I am a student and I am an open – minded person, I am not judgemental whatsoever nor am I homophobic/ transphobic etc. I feel like I am a very good listener and problem solver, I love helping people. I kind of find it hard to express my feelings or talk to people in person so it is easier for me to write. I love tv shows (Orphan Black, Revenge, OITNB, Breaking Bad, The Flash, FRIENDS etc), movies (Scott Pilgrim, Imagine Me And You, Divergent, THG so many more), comics (Marvel and DC) and reading although I haven’t done a lot of it recently. As well as that I love most genres of music but I mostly listen to Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Tonight Alive, PVRIS etc. I have recently got into anime like Attack On Titan, Kill La Kill, Black Butler, DeathNote, and Sword Art Online. I like playing video games too! To be honest I am very much a tomboy


A friendship

I don’t mind anyone if I am honest as long as you are not rude, racist, homophobic or transphobic etc. If you are open – minded that would be brilliant because sometimes I just like to talk about anything and everything so I love people who do the same thing. I have no problem with your sexuality, gender, religion or ethnicity. If we have the same interests that would be awesome. If you want to exchange gifts or whatever I am more than happy to do that.

Age Group:  18 +

Country:  Any

Language(s):  English preferably, I don’t mind any others

Gender: Any

Contact:  Snail Mail would be great! Tumblr: aperfectdyst0pia  Email:

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