Name: Keola
Age: 16

gender: boy

(I’ll send a picture to anyone who messages me :p)

Location: Hawaii, USA (North America)

Music: Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Lady Gaga, J-rock
Hobbies: I’m in band (percussion!), writing my thoughts into poems, cramming for tests, travelling (I’ve been to Japan!)
Style: Im told that I wear darker colors a lot Lol. I also enjoy flannels and bandanas.
Movies: Juno! Nightmare before Christmas, Howl’s Moving Castle, Garden of Words

A little about me: My mom is Okinawa and my dad is a mixture of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. I only speak English but I am on my way to learning Japanese :’)

It doesn’t quite matter where you are from, however anywhere foreign from the US would be cool o: I want someone to talk to and share experiences with!! 🙂

Kik: keolaloek

instagram: slay.ola

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