My name is Jay, I’m 22 year old male and from Puerto Rico. Graphic Artist, messy writer, part time drawer and eternal life student. Freckle Lover. Moon Lover. Anime Lover.

I have lot of interests, any kind of art (poetry, music, dance, writing, drawing, painting, photography, etc). Anime, manga, Twitch, mostly all kind of movies, Marvel,art supplies and a lot of other things I can’t remember at the moment. Like I said on top I’m a big moon lover. The love I have for my dear moon in not of human understanding. 

I’m looking for a snail mail friend. To exchange stories, poems, drawings and anything else we think about in the way. Any gender and preferably 18+. 

Gracias/Thank you. 

You can find me at: lifeasnotexpected.tumblr.com

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