pen pal in desperate need xox


Hiii, my names Portia and I’m 15. I’m from Australia and am looking a pen pal around my age. I honestly don’t care where you are from but I would love someone who could speak a second language, so you can teach me. I think that would be really cool because I can only speak English.

I’m very arty and enjoy painting, drawing, watercolours, doodling and honestly anything to do with art. I love making things and being crafty. I would especially love for my pen pal to also be arty and send me cute crafts and art ect. I would obviously do the same. I’m obsessed with pugs because I literally think they are the cutest thing on the face of the earth and I like cats too. I honestly like all animals though and are very much against animal cruelty/abuse. I like cute cafes, taking photos, shopping, and I attempt to be really tumblr but I’m not lmao. I like one direction, Taylor swift, meg mac, 5sos, and anything really

My perfect pen pal  would be someone with the same interests and someone that we could send stuff via mail but also talk via email and maybe skype when we get closey closey.
I don’t really have tumblr so email me: or ig @emhotion

hope to talk to you soon

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