Looking for a penpal


Hey! My name is Sveva, just turned 15, I’m italian but I live abroad. I speak Italian and German, both as my first language, and fluent english. I am also learning Norwegian and French, but I’m sorta not that good..
Anyway, I love Photography and to draw, but I’m not good at either of them. I spend majority of my time online inbetween of tumblr and netflix.
I’m a big sherlock and Doctor who fan, but if you’re not interested I can gladly shut up about that topic.
I like to have deep conversations but alo just random stuff, basically I’m in for anything.
I’m not exactly a very girly girl, so keep that in mind.
Also I love to dance and listen to music. I liten to anything but especially like indie-rock and rock
My perfect pen pal is anything under 18, I dont care about gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, where you come from or whatever. As long as you’re friendly, I’ll be friendly too

contact me:
Tumblr: frenchturkey
Email: sveva.novello @gmail.com

I hope to hear from you soon!

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