Hello my name is Carmen and im a 20 yr old from California USA.

 If you can write in English or Spanish that would be great! otherwise i wouldnt be able to understand a word! lol

Likes: dogs, arts & crafts, anime, korean dramas, books! movies netflix <3 open mindedness! different cultures! stationary! learning knew things
 Dislikes: beetles, judgey people, heights, 

Ok so i would so love to have a snail mail pen pal!!! but i’ll also do email buddies!! i would also like to exchange small tokens or gifts and maybe  a small package that will help us understand each other more or just little presents! after a few letters you will most likey start seeing doodles and decorations. And if we happen to be from distinct cultures i would love to learn more about yours and share about my culture as well!!!

torres_carmen90 @

Fun Fact: I am an aztec dancer! 
 P.S. i look forward to meeting you!!!

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